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Pahoa MapPahoa is a small town in the southernmost part of the Puna District on the BigĀ Island of Hawaii. In Hawaiian language Pahoa means knife or dagger, perhaps this little town got this name because it is characterized by jagged coastline and rugged land diversity.

Yesteryears Hawaii
This town is characterized by its century-old buildings and raised wooden sidewalks along its quiet main street which gives a nostalgic feeling as you walk in it. Pahoa also features an eclectic community as reflected in its surroundings and the people that live in it.

Rich natural resources
Several natural wonders are found in Pahoa like its black sand beaches, fresh water ponds that is volcanically heated, steam vents and seaside tide pools along its coastline. Its countryside is colored by its tropical fruit orchards and forests, lava trees and open pastures.

Wonderfully diverse population
People who reside in Pahoa comes from all walks of life and there is a mix of different ethnicities and cultural heritages. They live in harmony with one another in the true spirit of aloha.

Pahoa homes as investments
Pahoa homes price has appreciated 138.32% since the year 2000, with a median cost of $204,071 experts say that it is a good time to buy a home in Pahoa.

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